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Homeschooling while on vacation?!

We don’t normally think about fitting in homeschool work while we are planning our next vacation, but did you know a Disney Cruise can provide some great educational moments? A vacation is a great time to push everything aside and just relax, but the truth is we may need to add in some education experiences in order to keep up with our children’s schooling needs. Maybe you need to show a certain number of school hours each week, or maybe you’ve taken too much time off earlier in the school year. Whatever your circumstances, you can rest easy knowing that there are many opportunities for informal learning on your next Disney cruise! And many of those opportunities are included in your cruise fare. Check out this post to see what else is included: Your Disney Cruise Fare Includes These 5 Things!

Pre-Trip Research

Before you even set off on your trip your children can research your trip. Depending on their age, they may need some help with this and you can decide just how lightly or deeply the research goes.
Start by finding your departure port and other port of call locations on a map or globe.
Next, you might want to look up some interesting facts about each location. What makes each one unique? Is it known for something?

You can even have your children research the different types of transportation you will be using to get to the cruise port.
If you will be flying, you can find out more about the specific aircraft you will be on and what the seating configuration looks like. What kind of amenities are included on the aircraft?

Social Skills and Experiencing New Cultures

A cruise is a great opportunity to meet people of all different cultures and backgrounds.
From the crew members aboard the ship to locals in each port of call, there are so many chances to learn about other cultures and make new friends.

If your children will be taking part in the kids programming/clubs onboard the ship, they are sure to make new friends while playing with others. You might even come home with a new penpal (or email pal, lol).

Now is a great time for a reminder about good manners and to look into the cultural traditions you might find in your ports of call.

Physical Education

From port excursions to the cruise ship itself, there are many physical activities to try out!

On the ship, you’ll find swimming pools and waterslides, both of which are sure to give a good work out as your children are likely to spend a lot of time here! The ships also have a sports court where you can enjoy some basketball or even a mini soccer game. There are also ping-pong tables, shuffleboards and a running track to use. And if you happen to be on one of the newer ships, you can even play a round of mini golf!
I think I’d have to go with the slides and mini-golf as my favorites!

When you’re off the ship in port, many excursions will require some physical fitness too. You might go zip-lining, hiking, or swimming at a beautiful beach. Our family likes to visit the local beaches for a relaxing day in the ocean.

Another topic that is often included with P.E. is healthy eating and good hygiene. With a large buffet and multiple dining rooms, you will have many opportunities to talk with your kids about making good food choices (perhaps you want them to have some vegetables before having dessert). Disney ships also have handwashing stations or hand wipes located throughout the ship to encourage good hygiene habits!

Arts & Other Skills

If you’ve ever seen a Disney Cruise Navigator (the daily schedule of events) you will know that there is no shortage of activities to take part in on the ship.
Some activities include:
– Drawing lessons
– Cooking demonstrations
– Craft making
– Science experiments
– Towel animal demonstrations
– Design your own race car (and then race it)
– Scavenger hunts

Daily Journal Entries

Writing in a daily journal about their vacation is a great way to add a bit of “school” while also making a great keepsake to preserve their memories and feelings about each day. You could just bring along a blank notebook or journal like this one here, or you can use the free printable journal page below that I’ve created just for you!