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In our homeschool journey, we have yet to find a perfect fit for math curriculum. So when I was given the opportunity to use and review the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online program from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) I jumped at the chance! The Adaptive Math Curriculum Online program utilizes adaptive placement tests to find any gaps in your child’s learning and then develops a lesson plan to help fill those gaps. It includes video lessons, interactive review, practice worksheets online, automatic grading, tracking, re-testing, and is completely automated-

Some of the others on the review crew are using the Family Math Package, which does not pre test students. It is a package of all the grade levels with video lessons, interactive review, practice worksheets, chapter tests, automatic grading and more. This program is quite flexible because you have the option of moving your child from one grade level to another, depending on where they are in their learning.

Adaptive Placement Tests

After setting up your parent account and adding your students, you will have your students go through the adaptive placement tests. You could have them go through them one at a time, taking a placement test and then having them complete the lesson that the program designs to fill any gaps. Another option is to have your child go through all of the adaptive placement tests in a row, and then go back and do the necessary lessons. I had both my 2nd and 5th graders using the program and we opted to have them do one placement test at a time and then go over the lesson if needed.

I would highly recommend sitting with your child as they go through the tests in case they need some help. I found that with my own children, they were confused by some of the terminology that was different from what they were used to in their previous math program. The first time my 5th grader went through one of the tests he received a very low score. Because it was a topic that I knew he had already mastered, we went back over it together and I realized that he just needed some of the different terminology explained to him. Once he knew what the question was asking, he was able to fly through them and met the goal the program set for him to pass and skip the lessons for that topic.

Below you can see my son’s first attempt at a placement test, working alone, when he was confused about some of the terminology.

And here is the same test, after I sat with him and explained some of the terminology that he wasn’t used to seeing in his other math curriculum.

Video Lessons

After your child has completed a placement test where they haven’t met the goal score, the program designs a lesson for them to fill the gaps. The lessons are broken down into bite-sized sections, and your child can click through the lessons, working at their own pace. The lessons contain video lessons with colorful animation and clear explanations.

Online Worksheets

You can also generate online worksheets to go along with each lesson for your child to practice and reinforce what they are learning. If your child is having trouble, they can view the detailed solution to help them.

Parent Dashboard

The Parent dashboard allows you to set up your students, and also allows you to view their progress. Below you can see my 2nd grade daughters summary for some of the placement tests she had taken up to that point. You can also look into how they are progressing in their lesson plan, and how they are doing with the online worksheets.

The parent dashboard also gives you access to a video tutorial on how to use the program, and navigate both the parent and student dashboards. I recommend watching the tutorial, as it may be a bit confusing to navigate around for the first time without it.

Final Thoughts

After working through the program with both of my children I think it is a useful tool for finding the gaps in your child’s learning and giving them the opportunity to review and cement concepts they may be having trouble with. Although the placement tests may require supervision for younger students, the lessons are easily done independently by the student. As a homeschooling mom of multiply children, anything that can be done independently is a major plus in my books!

I’m not sure I would use it as a stand alone math curriculum, but it makes a great supplement and review tool! However, I think the Family Math Package might work better as a stand alone curriculum. Depending on your needs, either would make a great addition to your family’s homeschool.

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