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Hey there fellow homeschoolers! Do you ever struggle to find an Art curriculum for your kids? We were given the chance to review the Beginner Level, Art Core 1, Drawing with Graphite Pencils online course from ARTistic Pursuits! If you’ve seen any of my other reviews of art-related products, you’ll know that my daughter, who is currently 10 years old, is my budding artist. She loves to craft and, even more so, loves to draw! I knew right away that this course would be perfect for her.

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About The Online Course

The online course includes a digital version of the coursebook. In the coursebook, you will find 9 units, with 4 lessons in each.

The first lesson consists of an Art Materials Video Instruction, you’ll find these videos in the online course. The short video instruction will show your child how to use their materials for the lesson topic.

Lesson two is called Creativity: Building a Visual Vocabulary, and will show your child which topic they will be focusing on using text and pictures. It will help your child to make real-world connections to the topic.

The third lesson is for American Art Appreciation and History. Your child will see how the topic is used in works of art. They will also learn a bit about the artist and the time they lived in.

The fourth and final lesson of each unit is the Master Lesson. This is where your child gets to create a work of art using what they’ve learned from each topic.

The topics covered are Line, Space, Shape, Texture, Value, Form, Animal Forms, Human Forms, and Man-Made Forms.

Unit 2 - Lesson 1 - Basic Drawing

What Did We Think?

As a whole, I really liked this course. I appreciate that it includes artworks that demonstrate the techniques they are teaching and ties in a bit of history as well. As a parent who enjoys drawing, but might not be that good at it…. it can be tough to try to teach this subject to our children in our homeschool. This course does a wonderful job of fully covering the topics and giving visual examples for each lesson. I can see myself working through this course as well, as a fun and relaxing way to wind down at the end of the day.

The only thing that I would mention as a downfall is that, because I received only the online version of the course, we didn’t have a physical coursebook. This made it a bit more difficult to work through the lessons. In order to have my daughter work on her lesson, I needed to pull up the course on my laptop and open up the coursebook to find the lesson for the day. If she was on the first lesson of a unit we then had to navigate to that section of the online course. We are definitely the type of people that would benefit more from having the physical coursebook in front of us. The good news though is that you can get a physical copy of the coursebook along with the online course (and videos) when you make your purchase. So if you know that you will do better with a physical copy, be sure to choose that option on the website.

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