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Every year I dream of a perfectly organized homeschool plan.

I haven’t been doing too bad up until now, but that’s because we’ve been using an all-in-one curriculum in the past that came with a plan already laid out for us. But this year I will be gathering our curriculum from different sources and planning them out myself! *Yes, I’m nervous!* I’ve been on the hunt for free homeschool planning pages to help me get things ready and organized for next year. And now that I’ve found some I want to share them with you. Hopefully they can help to make your planning go a little smoother too!

Enjoy these links to some awesome, FREE homeschool planning pages!

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Homeschool Planner from

  • Homeschool Goals
  • Curriculum Planner
  • Lesson Planner
  • Calendar
  • Annual Overview Calendar


  • The first page is for younger children as it includes spelling and penmanship practice.
  • The second page is for older kids as they enter late middle school and high school.
  • The third page is blank for you to customize the specific subjects you plan to teach your children.


  • Tips and freebies for creating teacher binders in the classroom which can also work well for homeschoolers. 
  • Teacher and Student Binders

7 Step Free Homeschool Planner by

  • Front and Back Covers
  • Calendar
  • Objectives
  • Lesson Planning Pages
  • Unique Forms
  • Personalize It
  • Print / Bind

Editable Teacher Planning Binder by

  • Student and Class Information
  • Daily Organization Planning
  • Lesson Planning
  • Professional Resouces

Free Homeschool Planner 2018 from

  • 50+ pages!
  • Homeschooling Academic Calendar Sheet, Holidays in Academic Calendar, Important Dates in Academic Calendar, Effective days and weeks in Academic Calendar
  • Resource Division in a Year, Resource Division in Weeks and Days
  • Subject course and resources
  • Yearly Lesson Plan, Weekly Lesson Plan, Daily Lesson Plan
  • Homeschooling Resources
  • Field Trip Plan,
  • Lapbooking Unit Plan, Notebooking Unit Plan, Unit Study Plan
  • Attendance List
  • Books to Read