My two oldest children and I have been enjoying the adventures of Tom and Sarah in the great adventure novel of Britfield & the Lost Crown by author C.R. Stewart. We were given access to the audio version of the book through Audible, though some of my fellow reviewers did receive a physical copy to review. I’m so glad we chose the audio version! The narrator does an excellent job of telling the story in such a captivating way! After just listening to the first two chapters we were all hooked!

What Is It About?

Britfield & the Lost Crown is full of danger and adventure! The story follows 12-year-old Tom as he attempts an escape from the cruel Weatherly Orphanage, where he has been locked up for the past 6 years. Aided by his best friend and fellow orphan Sarah they escape, but not before finding a clue to Tom’s past and the possibility that his parents may still be alive! One word, Britfield. On the run from a Scotland Yard detective and England’s police force, Tom and Sarah take off in a hot air balloon across England to find out the truth about Tom.

Study Guide

The book is filled with so much British history, literature, art, and architecture which makes it a perfect read for homeschoolers! There is even a free 83-page study guide available to enhance vocabulary, comprehension and deeper learning. After listening to a chapter or two I would ask my children the comprehension questions to make sure they were following along and not missing any major points. I was delightfully surprised that they could answer most of the questions without hesitation. They were most definitely intrigued by the storyline and following along quite intently!

Additional Information And Media

The website is jam-packed with more information and photos about the different locations visited in the book. You can also find descriptions of the main characters and more information about the author. You can even watch a short video trailer about the book too.


Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend this book! I would have liked to also have the physical book, just as my own personal preference. But the audiobook was perfect for my children. Reading the book themselves may have taken them a while, but with the audiobook we were able to sit together as a family and listen to the story read aloud to us. The narrator does a great job using different voices and you can easily visualize the story as you listen along. We can’t wait for the next book to come out!



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