Hi there homeschoolers! Do you have a knack for drawing, or even just a desire to draw better? Then keep reading because we are going to be reviewing the Drawing Program by Creating a Masterpiece. My 9 year old daughter is my artistic child who just loves anything and everything to do with crafting, coloring or drawing! When I saw that there was an opportunity to review a drawing program I jumped at the chance because I knew she would absolutely love it!

What is it?

The Drawing Program consists of various projects over 4 different skill levels. There are a total of 30 projects and 48 lessons, using 3 different types of drawing medium (pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal). The program teaches the following art skills: incorporating value, shading, two point perspective, three point perspective and more! The program is meant to be easy enough for even little ones to follow along (approx age 5+) while still being challenging and engaging enough for older children and adults too.

How Do Lessons Work?

The program is self-paced, which means you can start at whichever level you’d like, and work on each project for as long as you need.
My daughter chose to start at the beginning for her first drawing, with Lessons in Pencil: Giraffe in Cartoon. Opening up the project, you are presented with a description of the project, a supply list (including information on where you can purchase the recommended supplies), and the lessons themselves.

The lessons are broken down into shorter step-by-step videos. This makes it really easy to do a step or two, take a break and then come back and easily pick up where you left off. For younger students, or anyone needing a bit more time to complete each step, you can easily pause the videos while you catch up.

Sharon Hofer, the artisit guiding us through the lessons, is such a pleasure to listen to. She has such a kind voice and walks you through how to do each step.

Ella would usually finish a project in one sitting because she just didn’t want to stop. She was so proud after finishing a project and was sure to show anyone who was willing to take a look. I can’t believe how well her drawings turned out, she truely was Creating A Masterpiece!

What Did We Think Of The Program

We really enjoyed using the program during the review period and will most definitely continue to work through all the different projects that are included. I really liked that each project had a list of what was needed to complete them before you even started. And also, that there were links provided for where to find them. Most items should be easily found at your local arts supply store. Using quality art supplies makes a real difference and you can see it in the quality of the finished product.

I would recommend this program in a heartbeat to anyone who has an interest in drawing!

Watching my daughter work through the lessons made me want to try them too! So I sat down with her and together we chose a project to work on together, Lessons In Pencil: Simplicity. Have a look below, I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself! I found it really enjoyable to work through the steps and see my drawing take shape right in front of me.

A Few More Examples

I’m just so proud of how well her drawings turned out that I have to share some more that she completed.


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