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For the past few weeks, our family has been reading through the book Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich by Tommy Nelson Publishing. It is a beautifully illustrated book with 40 short stories inside that encourages kids to show love to everybody, always.
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Our First Impressions

When the box arrived in the mail I knew right away what would be inside and was super excited! Opening the box, I was not disappointed! I reached in and pulled out the most beautiful hardcover book. I absolutely love hardcover books, especially with three kids in the house. Hardcover books always hold up so much better and they are just simply better quality. And in the case of Everybody, Always for Kids, you can seen the quality everywhere you look.

It is filled with beautiful, color illustrations throughout the entire book. Younger kids love pictures and to be honest, so do I. It just makes things so much more fun and really draws the readers attention. There is even a cute little blue ribbon attached to the book to use as a page marker, how clever!

Everybody, Always for Kids book cover

What will you find inside

Inside you will find 40 heartwarming short stories about how the author has shown love to others. It is geared toward children 6-10 years old. The stories are about three to five pages long, making them the perfect length as a bedtime story, or a quick read any time of the day really.

I know I’ve already mentioned the illustrations, but I have to say it again. They are BEAUTIFUL! There are so many images all throughout the book. They are so vibrant and colorful, they really help to bring the stories to life.

I really enjoyed the quick story titled “Be Available”. As a busy mom and wife, I often feel like I don’t have time for much else. This story was an encouragement to make myself available to others, even if it might feel like an interruption, or I feel like I don’t have time. Making ourselves available to others, even just a little, can bring joy and happiness to both them and us!

I would like to point out that this book is written from a Christian point of view and talking about Jesus is a frequent theme. The stories show how we can be more like Jesus in showing love to everyone. I don’t see this being an issue for many, but there may be some that are turned off by this. Only you will be able to know if this is something that would bother you or not.

Everybody, Always for Kids inside look

Bonus PDF Lesson Plan!

There is also a bonus 5-day lesson plan that is available through the publishers website. Although we haven’t been able to try any of the lesson suggestions ourselves yet, I did have a chance to look over them.

The lesson plans are available as a PDF download. There are some really fun ideas to bring the stories to life, such as making cake pops! There are discussion questions, crafts and hands-on extension activities. I really like that they’ve provided these lesson plans for their readers. It is a great way to dive deeper into the stories with your children. And if you get to eat cake pops too, BONUS!

BONUS 5-day Lesson Plan!

Final Thoughts

I think this is a wonderful and encouraging book to help teach children how they can show love to one another, just as Jesus did. If you have children in the 6-10 age range, I think they (and you) would really enjoy reading through this book.

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