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Teaching little ones is my favorite part of homeschooling. There are so many fun options out there for preschoolers! You can bet I was excited when we were given access to the Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle from The Crafty Classroom. It is perfect for my 5yr old who is eager to learn to read like his big siblings. (He is a February baby, so he won’t be in Kindergarten until next school year)


What is in the Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle?

The bundle contains 19 different sets of activities that all focus on the letters of the alphabet, alphabet sounds/phonics, beginning letter words, and fine motor skills. After you purchase this budget-friendly bundle you will be given access to the bundle as PDF files. Each set is grouped into it’s own PDF which makes it easy to find which activities you want to work on. You can print them all at once, or just a few at a time, whichever works best for you.

The different sets are:

  • ASL Letter Charts
  • Alphabet Drive & Write Mats
  • Alphabet Dip & Dot Q-Tip Painting
  • Alphabet Beginning Letter Dab Worksheets
  • Alphabet Sounds Maze Pack
  • Alphabet Brick Building Pack
  • Alphabet Mats (Blank Uppercase & Lowercase)
  • Alphabet Cuisenarire Rod Pictures
  • Alphabet Phonics Cards
  • Sign Language Minibooks
  • Listening Skills Sheets
  • Letter Sound Path Mazes
  • Letter Cut & Paste
  • Alphabet Popsicle Stick Pictures
  • Fine Motor Pom Pictures
  • ABC Playdough Mats
  • Dab & Read Sight Words (Fry’s 100)
  • Snap Cube Mats
  • Skills Alphabet Pattern Block Mats

How Did We Use The Bundle?

After taking a good look through the PDF files of different activities, I started by choosing a few that I thought looked fun and printed out the first few letters for each. I decided that we would work on a few letters at a time each week, and choose different activities as we went along.

Some of the activity sheets could be used over and over again, so I brought out my trusty laminator machine (what homeschool is complete without one right?!). I laminated anything that I thought would get a lot of use, or that we could use dry erase markers with. There were also some painting sheets that I didn’t laminate.

I started by introducing the ASL Letter Charts for A, B and C to my preschooler. He actually was really excited to learn the ASL hand signals for each letter! Then he had to go around and show his dad and siblings!

Then we worked on some of the other worksheets: Drive & Write Mats, Dip & Dot Q-Tip Painting, Alphabet Sounds Mazes, and a few others.

They were all a hit! He loved using his cars to “drive” the letters on the Drive & Write mats! The Mazes were fun too!

Fine Motor Alphabet pages

Painting with Q-tips on the Dip & Dot pages was also a major hit, although a bit messy. (but mess = fun for kids, just use an easy to clean kids paint)

Painting Fine Motor Page

What Did We Think About The Bundle?

I really enjoyed these activity sheets, and so did my preschooler. With so many activity types to choose from, it didn’t feel boring and repetitive. There was always something new to do, which really helped to keep his attention. Because it was more than just writing practice, the activities were so much fun. We were able to incorporate painting, toy cars, play dough and more!

As a mom of 3, I also really appreciate the affordability of the bundle. You get all 19 activity packs for just $40! And you can print them off again and again, or laminate them to reuse. As long as you don’t mind the initial printing of the sheets, this is a great option for preschoolers/kindergartners!

Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle Review

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