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Reading is such an important part of a child’s learning and should be encouraged whenever possible!
You can help to make reading more fun and exciting by using this FREE printable!
Just write in the book titles as your child reads each day (or as you read them to your child if they aren’t able to read on their own yet). 

Once the reading log is complete it is time to celebrate. You could go on a fun outing, have a special treat or even give a small toy as a prize!
But the fun doesn’t have to end there, just print out a new sheet and work towards another celebration!

Looking for some great educational books to read with your children?

Check out my review of the books by Carol P. Roman: Carole P. Roman books and collections – A Homeschool Review
She is a very talented, award-winning children’s book author. Some of our favorites are her “If You Were Me And Lived In…..” series!

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Everyone should be encouraged to read more often!

10 Books for Early Readers