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Have you ever noticed that once Jan/Feb rolls around things start to get tough?

The weather is cold, depending on where your located there may be snow everywhere. It’s getting harder to get out of the house. The kids don’t seem as interested in homeschool activities any more, and are getting restless. You are feeling tired and worn out. You might even be starting to wonder if you can make it through the rest of the school year.

But don’t worry, there is the glimmer of hope that spring will be arriving soon, and summer won’t be far behind.
In the mean time, there are a few things you can do to break things up and climb up out of that homeschool slump, or at least get close enough to see the horizon.



Try these 6 ideas to kick those winter blues!

  1. Get Outside And Play.  This may sound like a no-brainer, but I know how hard it can be when your dreading the cold weather. Not to mention having to get everyone bundled up, times however many children you happen to have. And just when you finally get them all ready and step out the door someone always decides that they need to use the washroom after all. But if you can get through all of that it will be worth it, I promise! Fresh air always has a way of brightening your mood. If you have snow, try building a snowman or an igloo. There is also the ever popular snowball fight, or ice skating! No snow? No problem. Go for a walk, jump in puddles, kick a ball back and forth, the options are endless!

  2. Take A Break.  Try taking a week off from homeschool work and schedules. Put down the text books and tuck away the worksheets. Sometimes a change of pace can do wonders for everyone’s attitudes. Take some time to just hang out with your children and play or relax together. Pretend your on a mini vacation at home, you could even make your own plane tickets and take an imaginary flight to a tropical getaway. Tell the kids to hop on the couch for an in-flight movie!
  3. Head To Your Local Science Center Or Museum. If you haven’t been to your local museum or science center yet, now is your chance. And if you have been, I’m sure you know how much of a hidden gem they can be! Most are deserving of a few repeat visits.

  4. Child Led Study. Put away your curriculum for a few days and ask the kids what they would like to know about. Then head out to the local library and stock up on books and/or videos about their chosen topic (google and youtube can be helpful if the library isn’t near by.) Depending on their ages, you could have them write up a short report, or even just some point form facts about what they’ve learned about their topic. Have them give you a presentation about it. Make it even more fun by inviting other family members to the presentation.
  5. Have A Video Day. Netflix, the library, youtube, the history channel. You can usually find educational content on all of these platforms. Just sit back and relax while the kids watch some Magic School Bus or Blue Planet, etc!
  6. Throw A Party. Why not invite some friends and family over and have a good old party. Nothing beats the winter blues like cake and icecream.

These are just a few ideas, but I know there are a ton more! What are your go-to ideas for getting through the winter slump? Leave a comment blow and let us know your secret slump-busters!






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