As a homeschool mom I love anything that can help make our school day a little easier. So when I was offered a chance to review a one-year subscription to Help Teaching Pro from I jumped at the opportunity!

The Help Teaching Pro subscription gives access to a plethora of lessons, worksheets and tests over a variety of subjects from preschool to grade 12. And if that wasn’t enough they also provide a test maker and worksheet generator so you can make your own!

One of the things we made great use of was the worksheet generator. It is super easy for me to customize math worksheets for both my 2nd grader and my 5th grader. A quick math drill sheet is a great way to get warmed up for our math lessons, or if we are short on time but still want to get in some math work. The worksheet generator allows you to choose the number of questions, the type of questions, and the number of digits in each question, and even give it a custom name. Then you can either save, print or download the worksheet for immediate or later use. My 5th grader actually asks to do the math worksheets, sometimes we add a timer and see how many questions he can complete in a set time, or time how long it takes to complete all of the questions. Then the next time around he can try to beat his previous score/time.
Another really neat feature we used is the pre-made lessons. You just choose the subject, topic and grade and then pick the lesson you’d like your child to complete. The lessons teach the concept with text, give practice questions and have a video to further explain the concept. There is often a related worksheet that is linked to the lesson as well. You can assign the lessons to your students, who can then complete the lesson online.
Then there is the tests and worksheets section. There are so many subjects and types of worksheets that I won’t even attempt to list them all, but trust me, you are sure to find ones that will work for your students! I particularly like the Language Arts worksheets. I’m always looking for more ways to get my kids writing, and is full of them! There are even Graphic Organizer worksheets,Study Skills/Strategies worksheets and Vocational worksheets.
We will definitely continue to use the Help Teaching Pro subscription from It is such a great resource for supplementing your homeschool learning and takes all of the work out of making customized tests and worksheets. And for those days when you are super busy and it’s hard to teach a full lesson yourself, you can rest assured that the pre-made lessons and worksheets can fill in for you.

I highly recommend checking out Help Teaching Pro for yourself. I’m certain you will find it beneficial in your homeschool too!

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