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Homeschooling through the elementary and middle school grades can have its challenges, of course. But, the high school years feel just a little scarier for me as a homeschooling mom. All of these questions start going through my head: “What are the must-have courses? Which electives does my child want/need? Do we have enough credits? Are we missing something?” Well, today I want to introduce you to something that can help put your mind at ease when it comes to preparing to homeschool high school. The High School Solution from The HomeScholar LLC is a program with over 50 hours of training, as well as resources and templates for every age and stage of high school!
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What’s inside this course?

The High School Solution course is PACKED full of videos, handouts, templates and so much more! I would hardly be able to cover every single detail in this review, but I’ll do my best to give you a good overview of what you’ll find inside. When you first log into the course you will be greeted with a dashboard that shows all of the different areas of content. You can even watch a video tour of the course to help you to navigate the site. The different areas are: Core Modules, Resources Packs, Bonuses, and Surprise Bonuses. You’ll likely want to start with the core modules, here you will find four different headings: How-To, Ages, Stages, and Curriculum.

In the HOW-TO section you will find the Preparing to Homeschool High School Online Conference available as a video presentation, slides and/or an audio download. There are also webinar handouts such as a workbook, planning guide, and other items. There are also sections about homeschooling both gifted and struggling learners and an eBook on how to be a better educator.

High School Solution Homescreen

In the AGES section you will find webinars, handouts, articles and more for each of the following categories: Middle School, Freshman & Sophmore Year, Junior Year, Senior Year, and Options After High School.

The STAGES section contains: How to Homeschool Independently, Planning High School Courses, High School Testing, and College Admissions & Scholarships. Again, you’ll find webinars, handouts, articles, and MORE!

The last section in the Core Modules area is CURRICULUM. Each subject is covered in detail to help you choose the best curriculum for your student and homeschooling style.

Core Module Curriculum

How have we been using it?

My oldest child is going into grade 9 this fall and so I have been focusing my attention on that area of the content. I’ve noticed a lot of emphasis on making sure your child is working at their own level, also recommending interest-led learning, and being sure not to take the “fun” out of their learning. 9th grade seems to be the “getting ready” stage, where you don’t need to be too worried about credits or anything like that. It’s the year to start practicing for more organized learning and record keeping. There are some great printables to help you to choose the curriculum you want for each subject as well as example schedules to make your day easier.

Although we don’t need to worry much about credits this year, the course does give a lot of detailed information about what counts as credits, and how to count them. There is even information about the ACT/SATs. Those aren’t relative to us in Canada, but I appreciate that it is something that probably weighs heavily on the minds of families in the US.

I love how gentle and reassuring all of the materials are. It helps to ease my mind that I can teach and guide my children through the high school grades and beyond.

There is just so much content available, so it’s good to note that the course comes with lifelong access. You can access the information that is relevant to your situation right now, and then move through the ages/stages as your child moves through the high school grades. Or of course, if you’re a super planner, you can always watch and read everything right away so that you can be prepared ahead of time.

I am looking forward to diving into more of the content, such as the Motivation Pack and the Taming Technology Pack. Technology use is a growing concern in our house and I’m looking forward to learning how to balance our screen time more effectively.

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In Conclusion

If you are at all anxious or lost when it comes to homeschooling the high school years, I’d highly recommend the High School Solution course. There is just so much value included that will last you through the entire high school experience!

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