Reading is big in our home. We encourage reading in our children, both academically and just for fun. But sometimes it’s nice to dive in a little deeper into the story and really enhance your child’s knowledge of the setting, characters and the story itself. We were given the opportunity to review some of the LitWits Kits available from LitWits. There were kits for so many wonderful books, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few to try. But we managed to make our selections and now we’re going to share all about them with you!

What IS A LitWits Kit Anyways?

Okay, so a LitWits Kit is an awesome little gem! It is a private webpage (you can also download the PDF version) full of fun, hands-on activities to go along with the book that you’ve chosen.

You’ll find ideas, instructions, and printables for things like:

  • sensory prop ideas
  • book bite ideas
  • creative projects
  • kinetic activities
  • academic and creative writing handouts
  • takeaway topics
  • learning links
  • audiovisual links

You can use all of the ideas, or just pick a few that will work best for you and your children.

Our First Choice

The first kit we chose was for Charlotte’s Web. I loved the Charlotte’s Web book as a kid, and my 9-yr-old seems to have enjoyed it too! We’ve also seen the movie and were excited to look into more detail about the story and dive into the activities from the kit.

Even though we didn’t have access to many of the prop ideas given in the kit, we were able to look at the detailed images of each item in the kit and read the descriptions about how they each tied into the story.

One of the projects for this kit is a title poster. Ella had fun building her own wooden crate out of popsicle sticks for Wilbur to sit in on the back of the truck! She even added spider webs to the title, just like the book!

The book-bites activity included serving a bucket of slop! Really it was just some kitchen scraps (vegetable peelings, oatmeal and some warmed milk), but it makes a perfect slop look alike. Serving it in a bucket really helps with the authenticity of the slop.

The academic handouts included in the kit are a great way for kids to show their understanding of the material.

Other Kits We Looked At

The other LitWit Kits that we had access to were:
Anne Of Green Gables
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

We didn’t have time to go through all of the kits in full depth, but I did look ahead into the others and they look fabulous! For instance, with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we will get to paint using chocolate and even invent our own candies to submit to Willy Wonka!

With Anne of Green Gables we got to have our own personal slates (the kit shows how you can make your own DIY slate).

The book-bites activity for Heidi looks fun too! I love the story of Heidi, and the kit will have use decorating our own wooden bowls, which we will then use to drink milk from while eating rustic bread and cheese!

What did we think?

We’ve had a blast so far with the activities in the first few kits we’ve explored and I’m really looking forward to using the other two kits as well! Hands-on activities and projects really are a great way to bring stories to life for kids (and me too).
I loved that everything was laid out for me, it really took the guess work out of it. And it was nice to be able to pick-and-choose the activities that worked best for us. We aren’t too big on worksheets, but it was great to have links to images and videos, along with other resources that tied into the story too.​ has graciously given me a discount code to share with you all!

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