As we are all getting ready for back-to-homeschool (I know some of you are already back at it or haven’t even stopped), many of us are trying to find a solution for staying organized. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving an Annual Membership Plan from My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping to review for all of you! Please read on to find out about all the wonderful features included in this online record-keeping program, and how I’ve been using it so far.

Getting Started

Because this is a web-based program I can log in through my computer as well as my mobile devices, like my iPhone. This is super helpful if we are away from the house and I need to pull up our schedule or add things to the record. Rather than waiting until I’m back home at my computer, I can just do it on the go.

Getting everything set up for the first time could seem a bit daunting, except that it isn’t, because My School Year provides video tutorials to walk you through the different tools to make things simpler. I feel like I am fairly comfortable with computers and so I was able to easily navigate the program and get my students set up with their lessons quite quickly. If you’re someone who needs more direction when it comes to the digital world, those tutorials will help immensely. There are also quick “get help” drop-down menus that will give tips and direction for each area too.


There are so many great features included with My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping!

  • Lesson plan generator and rescheduler
  • Automated grading
  • Attendance and hour tracking
  • Lesson Sharing (this is awesome when you have more than one student using the same curriculum as we do!)
  • Reading logs and lists
  • Extra-curricular and awards tracking
  • Quick Record QR codes
  • Transcripts and report cards
  • Student logins and email notifications
  • Support through a toll-free number or email

There are just so many features available! You can even track to-do lists, sports events, and chores!

How I’ve Been Using It

School hasn’t quite started yet where we live, but I have still been able to use the program quite a bit to get things organized and ready. I’ve set up my students, entered their subjects and made their lesson plans for the coming school year.

I love how I can view their schedule calendar by day, week or even the whole month. Each child can be color-coded to make it easier to find each child’s lessons on the schedule. You can also just view one child’s schedule at a time if you prefer that method.

Some of our subjects we do as a family, like science and social studies. Rather than having to create a new lesson plan for each child, I was able to copy the same lessons from one child to the other, saving me quite a bit of time.

We haven’t had a chance to see how it will work for our daily use once the school year starts, but I have a feeling it will be a big help in keeping things organized. I’ll admit that I’ve fallen behind a bit in keeping up with recording grades/progress throughout past years. But with this program, I can easily enter their grade for each lesson/assignment and it will keep track of everything for me. And for my youngest child, I can just mark that the lesson has been completed since we don’t keep track of letter grades at the younger ages.

For my oldest, who is going into grade seven this year, I can set it up to email him his daily or weekly schedules, and even give him login privileges so that he can mark his lessons as completed as he finishes them!

I definitely plan to continue using My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping to keep track of our year! This might just be the year that I can say I’ve kept up with our homeschool records the whole way through!

Membership Options

At the time of this review, there are two membership options available for My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping.
The first option is a monthly membership currently set at a very reasonable cost of $5 per month. You get ALL of the program features as well as the ability to enter an unlimited number of students.
The second option is an annual membership currently set at only $50 for an entire year, which is a savings of 17% over the monthly option.

The best part is that both options come with a no-obligation free trial. So you can try out the program and get a good feel for it to help you decide if it will be a good fit in your homeschool.

I highly recommend giving the free trial a go, there is nothing to lose, and only more organization and time-savings to gain!

Find Out More

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