Have you struggled to teach your children their times tables?

Memorizing our time’s tables can be so boring, and can sometimes take quite a while for it to sink in and really stick with our children! I know I’ve had trouble with my own kids. It’s just not all that fun, and they’d rather be doing other things.
So when the opportunity came up to try out and review the Online Times Alive program from City Creek Press, Inc. you better believe that I jumped at the chance!

About The Program

Online Times Alive is a monthly subscription program that uses cartoons, rhymes, songs, coloring, and quizzes to help children to learn and remember their time’s tables in a fun and entertaining way.

You start out by having your child take a quick pre-test, this will give you a starting point to see how much they improve as they use the program.
Then you just have them go through the program lessons. Each lesson contains a short video to teach the fact, along with a catchy song to reinforce it. Then there is a short quiz to test what they’ve just learned. There are also a few color pages thrown in here and there too (color online by choosing a color and clicking on the area to fill in).

Parents can easily check their child’s progress by selecting the Student Progress Report button. It shows how much of the program your child has completed and their scores for the various quizzes.

What Did We Think?

As a parent, I really like this program. It has a gentle approach and is simple enough for even lower elementary students to use.
I had my 4th grade (9-year-old) daughter work with the program and she has really been enjoying it.  She has even asked, on her own, if she could do more than one lesson in a day.
When she took the pre-test at the beginning of the program she scored 63%. After only a few lessons, she scored 80% on the first Progress Check quiz, and then after a few more lessons, she scored 100% on the second Progress Check. I love seeing how much her grasp of the times tables has already improved within just a relatively short amount of time!

Now, I will admit that the cartoons and songs do feel a little bit “childish” and directed at a young audience. For this reason, I didn’t even attempt to have my 7th grade (12-year-old) son attempt the program. He is well beyond these types of cartoons and would have whined at me that he was too old for it, and I’d have to agree.

I do think that upper elementary students could benefit greatly from the program, but it would really depend on their feelings towards the “childish” cartoons as to whether or not they would pay attention. If the company wanted to make a second version more directed to older children, I’m sure it would be a huge hit. I already know that the program works, as I can see it with my daughter. So if I could have a version that would keep my son’s interest, I would definitely use it for him, because he could use more practice with his time’s tables. (And so could I if I’m being honest!)

Wait, There’s An App!

Another really cool thing about Online Times Alive is that they also have an app available HERE. This is super handy if you want your child to be able to use the program while away from a desktop/laptop computer. The only thing you’ll need to remember is that their progress on the desktop/laptop will NOT transfer over to the app. So you’ll probably want to choose one or the other to use rather than both.


Cost (plus a discount!)

The cost for the Online Times Alive program is just $9.95 per month with a $6.95 sign-up fee. BUT, if you use this coupon code: lovetolearn the sign-up fee will be waived!

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