It’s natural to be curious about what others are doing in their homeschool.

I thought it might be fun to share with you a typical homeschool day for our family. I’ll start off by saying that we are fairly relaxed homeschoolers. We are not set on a specific time schedule, but instead, we follow the needs of the day.

Our Typical Homeschool Day

Early Morning Wake-Up

I always wake up early with my husband to make his lunch and see him off to work. Usually the kids sleep through this, but occasionally one of them will wake up and get their hugs from dad before he heads out the door. This is also the time when I’ll get my cup of coffee for the day and check out all the “things” online on my phone or laptop. My littlest guy will usually wander out of bed during this time and come cuddle with me on the couch and often fall back asleep.

Morning Coffee

All the kids wake up

The kids (if not already up with me) will start to trickle out of bed now. There is one that will often sleep in a bit longer that the others, usually until around 8am. Once awake the kids usually watch some cartoons or Youtube videos and have some breakfast. Although I do let them watch devices in the morning, any type of electronic gaming is not allowed until after their school work is finished.

I will use this time to get their school work set up and out on the table for them. We do English and Math daily. Science, Canadian Studies, History, French/Spanish and anything else are done a couple of times a week on various days.

Typical Homeschool Day

Getting to work

Next the kids will get started on their daily school work. They work on their independent subjects first (English, Math, Foreign Language), asking me for help if they need it. On the days that we do our “together” subjects (Science, Canadian Studies, History) I will sit with them and we go through the lessons as a family.

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Typical Homeschool Day

The kids get free time

After the day’s schoolwork has been completed the kids are free to enjoy the rest of the day. Normally that will mean playing some video games, going outside, making their own creative videos, or playing with their little brother. Sometimes we may have some errands to run and will need to go uptown too. I often work in a few chores for the kids to do too during the afternoon such as emptying the dishwasher, taking out the garbage, or tidying their rooms.

This is when I get some time to do my own household chores or work on blog posts.

Playing outside

The rest of the day

Our evening consists of having dinner together and then relaxing for the evening. Someone (or two) usually bathes/showers, there might be a program we watch as a family or there is just some general playtime and relaxing happening.

Our days are generally quite laid back and our plans can change as things come up. Some families thrive on well planned out days, but our family seems to do best with flexibility.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a quick look at a typical homeschool day with our family. Does your family prefer a planned out or flexible schedule? Let me know in the comments below!

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