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I don’t know about you, but I love to see the spaces of other homeschoolers!

I thought you might like to take a little tour of our homeschool room to see how we get things done. We are fortunate enough to have a large room in our basement that we can use a part of for our homeschooling space.

***Update: We no longer have our basement homeschool room, and are currently doing school at the dining room table until we have a more permanent space***

When you first come into the room, we have some wall space where some of the kid’s art/crafts are displayed. Right now we have some cute parrots and the “Days of Creation” along with a sun and some paper people.



Next, we have some awesome whiteboards that my hubby just hung up for us recently.

These were a super great score! Our local school district was auctioning off some things from a middle school that had closed it’s doors a while back. I ended up winning a big 4×8 whiteboard, but we soon found out that it wouldn’t fit around the corner and down our stairs to our homeschool room. But being the quick thinkers that we are, we decided to cut it in half and make two boards. This actually worked out better because now J-man and Miss E each have their own halves.



Next, we have our workboxes, a 5 drawer tower, and a 10 drawer cart.

Miss E uses the one with less drawers since she doesn’t have as many subjects as her older brother does. I’ll have to write up a separate post about how exactly we use our work boxes, but the idea is that each subject/activity for the day gets it’s own box and the kids work through them until they are finished.



On top of Miss E’s workboxes are her Place Value cups. We have a number of the day, and she gets to add a button to her “ones” cup each day and add a number to her cards in front of the cups. When she gets 10 buttons in the “ones” cup, she gets to glue them to a “10 stick” and put it in the “tens” cup. This is working pretty well and she seems to enjoy it.



Another auction score is this double exam desk.

J-man and Miss E each get their own space to work without bothering the other. Okay, so they still find a way to bug each other, but the divider is helping to cut that down. 🙂 Plus it’s just a really neat desk!



We also have a big 4 drawer filing cabinet that I use as a home for the kids’ worksheets and other curriculum items (math manipulatives, textbooks, etc). I like having a place to keep all those loose papers and things out of sight and not cluttering up the room. In front of the file cabinet, you can see a basket with some more text/workbooks in it.



We are working through 1st grade and Creation to the Greeks (grade 4) from My Fathers World and each of the kids is working on a timeline, which we have on the door of our homeschooling room. You can see our book bag hanging from the door handle. We use this for bringing home and returning books from the library.



And last but not least is our “baby space” in the homeschool room.

This little guy keeps us on our toes, so it’s nice to have somewhere to “contain” him when the older kids need some one-on-one time with me.



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