Hi there fellow parents and homeschoolers! Today I want to share with you my review of The Starfall Home Membership from the Starfall Education Foundation.

So You Might Be Wondering, What Is The Starfall Home Membership?

The Starfall Home Membership is a yearly subscription that unlocks hundreds of fun, educational activities for children from Pre-K to 2nd grade. Children can learn essential reading and math skills through play with animated songs, mathematics, and reading activities.You can get this low-cost membership program for only $35/year.

The program can be accessed via your computer/laptop or through the app on a tablet. I love that there are two options! When we are at home it’s nice to be able to pull up the website on the laptop which has a bigger screen. When we are on the go I can bring up the app on the tablet for the kids to use while out waiting for an appointment or running errands. And the tablet is much easier to hand over to my toddler, without worrying that he might find a way to wreck my laptop!

How have we been using it?

My youngest two children have both been using Starfall. My 7 year old daughter is in grade two, and although we find some of the material to be too young for her, there are still plenty of activities for her to have fun with. She has been reading some of the short stories as well as practicing her addition and subtraction facts.

In the center of the home page you will find a character smiling back at you. Your child can change the appearance of the character to suit their likes, or even to resemble themselves! My daughter loves this type of thing and set to work straight away to pick out a hair style and clothing for her new friend. I think this is a really cute way to add a personal touch to the program.

I also have a 2 year old who may not quite be pre-k age, but he still really loves to explore through the Starfall app on our tablet. He clicks through the alphabet and colors and enjoys all the fun songs too! Whenever he is using the app all I hear are squeals of excitement and adorable giggles!

Starfall also provides a Parent-Teacher area. This is where you will find a bunch of helpful resources on how to use Starfall, such as a complete guide to using Starfall for different ages and subjects. There are also many supplemental resources to use along side the Starfall website/app. From ELA and Math worksheet generators, to custom printables and downloads, you will be sure to find something that will complement your child’s learning experience.

Would I recommend Starfall?

Absolutely! If you have children in the target age range of Pre-K to 2nd grade Starfall would make an excellent addition to their learning. My kids are always wanting to use technology in their play, whether it is the computer or a tablet. I’m glad that there is an educational option available for them. It gives more purpose to using electronics, which is a big factor in my decisions on which games/programs to purchase and use with them.


How can you get The Starfall Home Membership?

You can visit The Starfall Home Membership page at the Starfall Education Foundation website and become a member today!

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