What is Home School in the Woods?

Home School in the Woods is a company that specializes in hands-on history products. On their website you will find so many engaging options available, such as timelines, maps, lap books, and history studies, all designed to have your child LIVE the lessons!

What did we choose to use?

I have previously reviewed some of the Al a Carte items available from Home School in the Woods and really loved the quality of their products. So I was excited when the opportunity came up to use and review Time Travelers: Colonial Life  from their Time Travelers American History series!


At a cost of only $27.95, you would not believe how much content in included with this Time Travelers product! There are 50 activities included to work on with your children!

From the website:

“Colonial Life, contains 25 lessons that can spread across 5-10 weeks, covering: America’s Colonies Begin, The Colonial Home, Clothing, Food, Family Life, School, Faith in the Colonies, Villages & Cities, Health & Medicine, Artisans, Crime & Punishment, Plantations & Slavery, Pleasures & Pastimes, and Holidays!”

The units are available via PDF format, either through digital download or a CD. You will find text pages, project pages, and master pages for all of the projects. There are also teacher helps, resource lists and teacher keys included.

I had access to the digital download version, which included a file titled “Start”. Clicking on this opened up a page on my web browser that laid everything out neatly for me. All I needed to do was click on each section to view all of the lessons, projects and master pages needed. I really like how easy this makes it for me to see where I am and what I need for each lesson!

Take a look at some of our favourite projects!

It’s hard to pick only a few favourite projects to share because there are just so many to choose from (and they are all really neat and fun). So here are just a few that we really enjoyed working on.

This cute little barn opens up to reveal a pocket full of all the items you might find on a Colonial farm! If you have a child who likes to colour, this is a fun and easy project for them.
Anything to do with food is a good project right? You bet! One of the projects is to put together this neat little recipe book of common foods in colonial times. Your child can even colour in some of the images if they like. But the real fun will be making some of the recipes, yum!
Have you heard of quilling before? It’s where you create images using rolled up strips of paper! It may be a bit time consuming to roll and shape all the paper strips, but it’s kind of relaxing and addicting too! This project may require a little extra help from mom and dad if your child is younger though, but the end result is a really nice piece of art that your child can be proud to have made.

There is something new at Home School in the Woods!

Home School in the Woods has just let me know that their newest product, Project Passport: Ancient Rome, is now available!  They have even added it to the download bundle for the complete Project Passport series. Go check it out!

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